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Spreading Solar to Schools Across the UK

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  Following recent government recommendations that every school in the UK become sustainable within the next six years, Navitron is calling on more schools and academies to consider making the switch to solar to not only save money and energy, but to also take advantage of the opportunities solar technology offers in the classroom as a teaching resource within the curriculum.
  Stephen commented: “As a result of the government’s recent recommendations, a framework has been developed to help schools understand the role they play in preparing young people for the future, impressing on them the impact they have on the planet and encouraging them to contribute to change within their school.  
  “Renewable energy installations, such as solar power, make a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, taking schools one step closer to meeting the goal of becoming sustainable and providing much needed extra funding, not only from the energy saved, but from revenue generated from solar panels.
  “Solar panels a long-term investment capable of generating electricity for 25 years or more and paying for themselves within just twelve years, but they also a valuable education tool in terms of communicating to the pupils the benefits of sustainability through use of a working example of renewable technology in their own school.
  With a number of installations completed for schools throughout the UK, Navitron offers a complete solution for funding, design and installation of green energy systems. 
  In addition to providing free feasibility studies, assessments and a dedicated project manager, Navitron also works with schools to provide educational information for students, including a free solar panel display for your students to study, as well as a free usage monitor located in an accessible area that pupils can use in their studies that monitors the performance of the installation.
  One school that has benefitted from Navitron’s solar expertise is Langham School in Oakham, Rutland – which had a sixty-panel solar PV system installed during March 2014.
  Janet Lord, head teacher at Langham Primary commented: “We’re always looking for ways to move forward and widen the educational opportunities that we offer to our children. Because we are in the process of applying for our fourth International Eco Flag, we were looking for new ways to demonstrate to our pupils, staff and the wider community how we could become even more sustainable and further reduce our carbon footprint here at school. It seemed that solar energy fit the bill perfectly.”
  “We’ve used the installation as a way of educating our pupils about solar efficiency. Not only have we held assemblies to launch the project and keep up excitement throughout, but we’ve also put together a final display of photographs showcasing how it was the installed and its final appearance on the roof. 
  “As one of the county’s leading schools in sustainability, we hope that other schools will watch us with interest to better understand the advantages that solar brings. We’re also hopeful that more people in the local community will follow suit and embrace going green to help save the environment.” 
  Stephen continued: “It was great working with Langham Primary to install their green energy system. The panels are expected to generate 12960kwh of energy each year, saving the school £2600 per year and reducing its carbon footprint by 7361 tonnes per year.”

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