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Farmers Encouraged to Harvest Solar Energy to Save Money

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  By making a change to solar energy, farmers can not only help the environment, but also save money and make their land more profitable.

  “By installing solar PV and solar thermal, farm owners can generate free electricity and heating for their buildings and machinery, while also benefitting from government-backed payments through the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI),” commented Stephen Knight, Commercial Director for Navitron.

  “Payments through these incentives are based on the total amount of electricity or renewable heat a green energy system generates – and they are guaranteed for up to 20 years, making solar panels a rewarding long-term investment.”

  Since opening in 2004, Navitron has completed over 12,000 installations throughout the UK – hundreds of those for farmers interested in cutting costs and running a greener, more energy-efficient farm.

  “Farmers we’ve worked with have used solar energy for a variety of purposes, from cooling poultry sheds in the summer and heating the hot water needed to sanitise milking sheds and systems to powering farm machinery, like borehole pumps, and providing energy and heating for farmhouses, workshops and other buildings. As a result, most have generated an annual return on investment of 16 to 24% just from government incentives.”

  “Now’s the time to install solar, not only because the sun will be at its brightest over the next several months, generating nearly 10x the amount of electricity and heat than it does in winter, but because government incentives, like FIT and RHI, won’t be around forever and tariffs for these are reviewed and reduced every three months.”

  Steve continued on, explaining that, with more and more farmers making the move to solar, competition among home and business owners to install before its becomes difficult to qualify for renewable energy incentives in their area has increased significantly.

  “Many farmers don’t realise how simple and efficient solar panels are. They require little to no maintenance and don’t require planning permission if roof-mounted, plus systems have no moving parts and operate silently, unlike wind turbines. In addition, installations typically take less than a week to complete and don’t interfere with day-to-day farm operation.”

  “Solar power has undoubtedly proven itself among farm owners, making it a dependable and profitable alternative to fossil fuels that even more farmers should consider using to power their business.”

  Navitron offers a wide range of solar panels that come with a double indemnification warranty and a guarantee of at least 80% of rated performance after 25 years of use with proper maintenance, in addition to a selection of inverters from leading manufacturers. 

  In terms of solar thermal solutions, Navitron offers its own range of solar thermal panels that utilise highly efficient evacuated tube technology, making them the perfect option for generating renewable heat.

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